Weirdly Shaped and Well Photographed

… a blog about clothing for curves, bras for giant boobs (and tiny backs!), and escaping the scourge of the dreaded BoobLoaf and ButtChest.


Coming soon: the story of how this blog began and other such goodies!

In the meantime, here’s the very, very basic information.

  • This is a blog primarily about clothing and lingerie for busty ladies, curvy ladies, hourglass-shaped-ladies, and anyone else who finds themselves having trouble getting their proportions and their closet to agree with one another.  I’m not an authority on fashion or style, but I have had quite the journey in figuring out what works for my shape, and I’m happy I can help other people with similar struggles.

  • There’s only been a bit of discussion so far, but the brog will be heading more and more into the realm of bra fitting discussion, and I’m really excited about that.  WELL-SUPPORTED AND HAPPY BOOBS FOR ALL!

  • The blog itself is long form and only contains complete entries like reviews, information pieces, and opinion posts.  Shorter form pieces like Outfit of the Day posts, pictures of lingerie pieces I love, and links to other great blog articles can be found on my social media sites.  Please follow my Tumblr, Facebook, and Twitter for shortform content and all the love.  You are also welcome and encouraged to submit your own pictures to the Tumblr, as I am always looking for ways to promote body positivity and want to showcase all of your lovely selves!  (Nota bene: no penis pictures please.  Come on, guys.)

  • More fun stuff for those new to the blog can be found on the Start Here! page – check it out for links to popular or favorite posts, social media sites, and a guide to the random made-up terminology sprinkled about Weirdly Shaped and Well Photographed.

The Rules and Regulations and Other Such Necessary Bothers:


  • This is a space primarily for female-identifying people and others who wear women’s clothing.  Male-identifying and presenting persons are more than welcome to come and enjoy, but I ask that comments be kept to a minimum and only what is polite and/or informative.  Body snark, objectification, judgmental commentary, and other things that I deem offensive will be deleted without warning.  Anything that is edging on offensive will receive a polite warning, and further commentary will be deleted.  Appreciate, but do so quietly.  :)  This is a safe space.

  • The body snark policy above doesn’t only apply to men.  Absolutely no body snark, fat shaming, thin shaming, etc. will be tolerated here.  Weirdly Shaped and Well Photographs loves bodies of all shapes and sizes, ages, genders, and so on.  This policy applies as much to statements like “real women have curves” as it does to critiques of women of larger sizes.  All women are real, all bodies are beautiful, and any differing opinions will be deleted.  This is my blog and my space, and as such mine is the final say.  Please do not argue with me about this.

  • The rights to my pictures are held exclusively by me and by my photographers, and you may not copy or republish any of them without my permission for any reason.  Please feel free to link to my posts using an image, but the image *must* link back to my blog directly.  There is an exception to the above, however: pornography-based sites.  Porn people, you do not have the rights to my images.  You will not be receiving the rights to my images.  Please do not post them anywhere or link to me from your porn site.  Just keep that stuff to yourself.  Thanks.

Advertisement and Review Policies

  • I do accept articles of clothing and lingerie for review, but I do not do sponsored posts and all opinions are my own.

  • Any companies interested in working with me are happily encouraged to contact me at for details and to receive a copy of my media kit.  Thank you so very much.

That’s it for now, Gentle Readers!  This space will have some more information soon, but that should give you the basics.  Have an absolutely fabulous day!