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The Abracadabra! Loving Lovely Longlines by Wellfitting.

_U8A1548Well, the time has come. Or rather, the time came, and then went, and I was like… “Huh?” As Douglas Adams (an author I am very fond of) said, “I love deadlines. I like the whooshing sound they make as they fly by.” Not that I technically had a deadline, but I think I owed it to Wellfitting and to you, my gentle readers, to get this information out as quickly as possible, and I’m afraid I fell down on the job a bit. There’s been Some Stuff going on. Some health problems, a li’l depression and anxiety stuff, no work and then suddenly too much work (well, not all “work” per se, in that a fair amount of it was stuff I was doing for love rather than money, but kept me busy all the same)… Etc. And most of that is still going on, but I’m trying to get better at managing it, so I’m hopeful that things will be more frequent around here. But enough about me! You’re here to hear about this amazing, insanely beautiful bra, and I’m not going to leave you hanging.


As I may have mentioned in a rather emphatic way in the past, my big obsession for a very long time has been with longlines. Unfortunately, by the time I knew they existed and also knew anything at all about bra fitting, I seemed to be sized out of, well… All of them. I literally couldn’t fine one anywhere, even to sister size into. *cue tears and hand-wringing* ENTER WELLFITTING (and Comexim).

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May 17, 2015
by MissShapen

Wellfitting’s Bravantgarde Demi

Great thanks for this and all the other wonderful photographs in this post and on go to Michael Contreras, a dear friend and fabulous photographer that I am so lucky to be working with these days. Please check him out at


What ho, Gentle Readers!  For those of you who follow the brog’s social media, this will not be a surprise.  Well, the fact that I am posting might be a surprise – I know it’s been ages – but the announcement should be familiar: I’m now doing some modeling for   I never thought I would end up being able to say I am a lingerie model, and it still feels a bit bizarre, but I really enjoyed doing the shoot and am so flattered that they want to feature me on their website.  You all probably know Wellfitting, but if not, let me introduce you. distributes bras by Comexim in the US, which makes things exponentially easier for those of us who adore Comexim’s lovely styles, fabulous size range, and availability of customizations.  They don’t carry all of Comexim’s styles, but they carry a good selection and they have a lovely selection of exclusive styles as well.  That’s where I come in – I got to model all four of their exclusive styles, including – *swoon* – two LONGLINES!!!!

Insert dancing sparkleunicornsomethigerother here.  Because Longlines.  In my size.

—Disclaimer— I am actually saving the first longline for the next post.  Which is weird, I know.  But sometimes that’s just how I roll.  Bravantgarde deserves its own post, because look how pretty it is!

Usually I do themed posts and stories or things of that nature, but since I already had pictures taken for these and I wanted to get the word out, I’m just sharing the pictures from the photoshoot here.  Make sure to check them out on Wellfitting’s website, too, and, should you be so inclined, to use the wee discount at the end of this post to  pick up a few pretties of your own.  Hee. Continue Reading →

April 9, 2015
by MissShapen

State of the Brog Address, October 1st 2014


Okay, first of all, is it weird to anyone else that it’s not only 2014, but heading towards the end of 2014?  I feel like it’s still…  I dunno, 2012 or something?  No, I have no justification for that.  Just bear with me here.


So I am a sporadic sort of blogger, but a loving one.  There are good pictures taken for blog posts to come, interesting posts in the works… All the usual stuff that I say in these updates, true as ever.  But I also have been thinking about some other kinds of posts, and I was wondering if I could get some feedback from my dear Gentle Readers on whether or not these things would be of interest to you.  HENCE!   A poll.  Your input.  Lemme have it.  Please check any and all things you would be interested in!

Not Quite Review Clothing Posts

How about reviews and posts about things that don't go on your boobs?

How about these sorts of things?

Not-specifically-picture-based posts (although they still might have pictures)?

Are you interested in more... sort of general life posts from me?

Is there anything you really DON'T want to see?

Other news!

So what originally went here was a bit about my new Patreon page, which allows for donations and such… But I have more info and am changing the format a little bit, so I’m taking most of that out for now.  :)  There will be a re-introduction on the next post, so keep your eyes out!  And in the meantime, if you’re interested, you can click on the button to check out the page!  Or just go to  You know, whatever floats your boat.

And lest you think that there is not good stuff forthcoming… Here are some previews of upcoming reviews!  Lots of Urkye.  :)

Urkye Kopertówka tops, featuring Milo, who absolutely hates getting baths!

Urkye Kopertówka tops, featuring Milo, who absolutely hates getting baths!

Urkye Skunks Dress!

Urkye Skunks Dress!

Urkye Tuba Tops!  This is just one of three settings... Ooooh....

Urkye Tuba Tops! This is just one of three settings… Ooooh….

Arabel Lingerie Forget Me Not knickers and suspender belt + (in a separate review) Ewa Michalak SM Trefl bra!

One of my favorite shoots of all time, set in Wonderland at a Mad Hatter’s Tea Party: Arabel Lingerie Forget Me Not knickers and suspender belt + (in a separate review) Ewa Michalak SM Trefl bra!

So yes.  I think that’s it for now, Gentle Readers.  More good stuff in the works, and love to you all as always.  May your bra fit well, your skirt not ride up, and your happiness be plentiful.

See you on the next post!

Yours always,

Miss Shapen


I’ll be singin’ a song for you, my dears.

October 1, 2014
by MissShapen

The Heart of Haute Milan Dress: Sometimes I Just Want to Feel Pretty

Do you want to know how often I think of you, Gentle Readers?  Enough that I am currently on a train to San Francisco, having gotten up five hours earlier than usual, and I am writing a brog entry.  See?  It’s all the time!  But blogging is SERIOUS BUSINESS, so oftentimes entries get started but aren’t good enough to publish, or they get derailed along the way and never finished, or… Oy.  So many possible issues.  I am committing to finishing this one, though, because I really have to tell you about this dress and the company that makes it.

Attempts to pet the ducks were sadly not successful.

I can’t remember how I first heard about Heart of Haute; it could have been from the beautiful, gracious and oh-so-stylish ladies at June Bugs and Georgia Peaches, or from the Darling Dames online (you know who you are, lovelies), or… Who knows.  I should really write these things down, but then, I should also really do things like blog regularly, keep my apartment clean, not wait so long to get pedicures that there are just asymmetrical blobs of polish left on my big toes… *sigh*  One day.  Anyway, despite being a newcomer to my list of clothing company loves, Heart of Haute is quickly rising to the top.  I don’t know how much of their clothing is friendly to BOUS* yet, but the two pieces I have are wonderful, and I’d like to introduce you to to one of them today.

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September 7, 2014
by MissShapen

Comexim Geisha Review: With Great Boobies Comes Great Responsibility


If the prospect of living in a world where trying to respect the basic rights of those around you—and valuing each other simply because we exist—are such daunting, impossible tasks that only a super-hero born of royalty can address them… then what sort of world are we left with? And what sort of world do you want to live in?
-Wonder Woman

Good morrow Gentle Readers!  If you have been paying attention, and I am sure you have, then you will have seen my review last week of Comexim’s Ingrid bra and knickers.  If not, go read that one now, as you’ll want some of the general info contained therein before reading this one (unless you are already pretty familiar with Comexim and  Because that review only JUST went up so recently, I will refrain from including all the same information and just get to the good stuff.  Man, who knew I could write put up three entries in two weeks?  Someone must have ripped the “Q” section out of my dictionary, ’cause I don’t know the meaning of the word “quit.” (That’s from Mystery Men’s Mr. Furious, who incidentally is basically me in superhero form.)


It’s not who I am underneath, but what I do that defines me.

Now, at this point, you may be thinking, “Now, Miss Shapen, how did you end up choosing a superhero theme for the review of this bra?”  Well, Gentle Readers… that’s a good question.  I really don’t know, to be honest.  I picked the Geisha more or less at random to be the bra that Brack Bridow wore in my Bravengers post, and then… Well, then I thought it was awesome.  Oh, and it doesn’t hurt that when I bought this catsuit, I said to my mom with complete confidence, “I’m TOTALLY going to need this someday!  How could I NOT need a black vinyl catsuit?!”  So there you go.  I am officially the hero of my own story.


Whatever comes our way, whatever battle we have raging inside us, we always have a choice. My friend Harry taught me that. He chose to be the best of himself. It’s the choices that make us who we are, and we can always choose to do what’s right.
-Peter Parker/Spiderman

The Geisha bra is cut in Comexim’s standard plunge style, but it really packs a good one-two of style.  *OOF* Anna of Comexim describes it as beige foam (to me the foam seems like more of a cream color) *WHAM!* covered by Italian lace *POW!*.  The lace is black with pink flowers – maybe an undertone of copper on them? – and whitish foliage *ZOK!*, and the cups are topped with thin black lace trim *KHAZAM!*.  The straps are black with a bit of a decorative touch and fully adjustable*KIYAI!*.  It’s really quite lovely, and is sweet without being overly frilly.  I enjoyed pairing it with any black lacy knickers I had available, as it went quite well with any of them (super handy!) *WHABAM!* Continue Reading →

August 14, 2014
by MissShapen