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Urkye Doesn’t Irk Me, Part Two: The Twister Top


Those of you who have been here since the beginning of the ol’ brog (what, three whole weeks ago? HA.) will remember that my first post featured a dress by Polish company Urkye, one of several retailers I have been or will be discussing here on the brog that feature sizing that specifically accommodates large busts and curvy shapes.  If you missed it, please check out my review of the Kieska dress for information on how their sizing works and the general loveliness of their brand.  Go ahead, I’ll wait here.

*twiddles thumbs*

*hums a merry tune*

*looks up hapilly*   Oh!  Hello!  You’ve returned – excellent.  Forging ahead, then…

Once I started the brog and discovered that people were actually going to read it, I realized that it behooved me to get some great clothing to review, and I went ahead and placed an order with Urkye (yep, you all really twisted my arm there… *ahem*…).  I had planned on getting a Tuba top (success! review forthcoming) and a Skunks dress (wrong size! exchange forthcoming), but when I took a look at the Twister shirt, I just had to add it in.  I have always wanted to own more clothing with cool necklines in the back, but as I always have to wear a bra, most things of that sort don’t fit me.  Enter Urkye.  I was discussing this brand (and indeed, this shirt) with the blogger at Dressing Curves the other day, and she said something that hadn’t occurred to me but made perfect sense: Urkye doesn’t just design clothes for boobs – they design clothes for bras.  More of this will be evidenced when you see the review for the Tuba top, but in the meantime, you’ll notice that there are an awful lot of pictures in my back in this post.  It’s not my favorite side of myself, I must say, but the shirt is the focus, so, well, there we are.

MEANWHILE, once I decided to review the Twister, I found myself with a dilemma.  As I have a somewhat theatrical affect much of the time, the settings or framing of most of my review shoots are coming to mind easily.  But what to do with a shirt, even a really neat-o one like this?  I wanted to make sure that each review held visual interest, ideally with some sort of theme or story.  Luckily, I have a Super Secret Thinktank of Awesomeness, and they came through as ever in my time of need.  I had thought of doing some sort of “around the house” shoots, but when T. and K. came up with the idea of a laundromat, something tickled the back of my brain.  Not only was it a great idea for the shoot, but it was a chance to revisit an old haunt from my youth.  Yes, at one point I hung out regularly in a laundromat.  It was more fun than it sounds.

You see, when I was a kid, much like now, I had a dislike for chores.  I would let things like laundry pile up until I practically had to climb out of my bedroom to get to school.  Luckily, in addition to what was clearly too much clothing, I had some great friends, and one of them, B., came to my rescue fairly regularly.  B. was a wonderful person, a magnificent friend, lovely, intelligent, kind, capable, etc.  Just great.  He’d swoop in to help, and with him, any place was a carnival.  Take the laundromat, for example.  The laundry part was the least interesting obviously, but in between the washing and drying there was so much fun to be had!  Let’s take a trip down memory lane, accompanied by the fiery red Twister Czerwony shirt from Urkye…

*wiggles fingers as flashback music plays: —–dooooOOOOOOoooooOOOOOoooooooo—–

Not pictured: high school me, who was traditionally extremely unkempt, 
didn’t wear glasses, and wouldn’t have known a well-fitting bra
if it had run up to her and jumped onto her breasts screaming, 

The Twister shirt, like everything I’ve tried from Urkye, fits perfectly in the bust.  It skims over The Ladies gently, without pulling or smooshing anything down.  Then it immediately curves inwards to nip in not just at the waist, but at the underbust as well.  As my underbust is as small as my waist, this is a much appreciated feature.  The combination of the bust accommodations and the overall length make the front 100% accidental-belly-show-proof, and the soft but thin fabric (92% cotton and 8% elastane) shows off my curves nicely.

Bounce?  Like I could help it.
 Alright, Suds ‘n Such.  I’ll buy.  
You know I can’t resist your retro stylings.

Angled shots.  Not half bad, eh?  I love this shirt.  And Suds ‘n Such!  Isn’t that just delightful?

You may notice that the photography is different in this entry, by the way; I thought that since I was revisiting my past, I’d try a retro camera feel for the photos.  This may or may not have been influenced by my inability to schedule with one of my regular photographers this week… But hey, result, right?

Is it Taco Bell time yet?  
We used to get these huge Meal Deals.  It makes me almost ill to 
think of eating them now, but at the time, it was great fun.
 No tacos till work is done!
No tacos for you!
Only laundry!

From the side, the proper fit on the bust is showed off to good effect.  What a lovely curve it follows under the breasts!  No hanging off of them, mumu-like, or stretching diagonally towards whatever belt I’ve had to use to harness my waistline; Urkye makes clothes for boobs.  Hu-freaking-zzah.  Don’t mind all the bulginess towards the bottom – I might have chosen pants with a less clunky waistline.  You’ll do better, I’m sure.

But now! La pièce de résistance!  The back.

Please excuse the werewolf-like appearance of my neck.  I was going for authenticity with the hastily-secured bun, but apparently that caused a bunch of wee hairs to escape and do… Well, what you’re seeing there.  Oops.  Anyway, the main thing is HOW COOL IS THAT BACK!  Busty ladies NEVER get to wear things like that.  Forgive me for the effusive capitals, but seriously, where has this shirt been all my life?  It is amazing how much a small piece of twisted fabric can liven up a shirt like this?  It’s elegant, and modern, and simple, and perfect, and I love it.

The lure of the Cheetos…
It’s too much…
In addition, the scooped cut in the back comes to literally the exact point below which it would show my bra band.  Maximum back views, no peeks at the lingerie.  Perfect.  This is what I meant by the clothing being made for bras as well as boobs.  Urkye refuses to compromise on style for the sake of needed undergarments, and I think other companies would do well to learn from this example.  Being busty does not necessitate the wearing of dowdy clothing.  Leave high necklines behind, ladies!  Forget the tags that have scratched at the back of your necks!  It’s our time to shine, sisters, so let those shoulder blades out into the sunlight.
You’ll be mine, Betty Boop!
Right?  Right?  
“But Miss Shapen!” you ask.  “What about the cleavage?”
I’ve had a number of readers inquire about issues of modesty.  While I possess almost none generally – I’m disinclined to wear revealing clothes for their own sake, but if something is stylish/weird/full of character I probably won’t think twice about it – some of my readers have different sensibilities and tastes or live in more conservative environments (in Vegas, I’m rarely the most scantily clad gal in the room).  They’ve asked for some items that they could wear comfortably in varied social settings, and I think this shirt would do well.  In the above picture and the set below, I have bent to a 90 degree angle, and I think given that pose that it’s a very reasonable amount of cleavage.
You could do worse, eh?
Meanwhile, for those of you who don’t enjoy making faces into dryer door windows, here is how the shirt looks from three different somewhat-downward angles:
My eyes are up here, buddy.
So there you have it.
The Urkye Czernowy Twister shirt.
A fabulous buy for a fabulous lady like yourself.
I wouldn’t mind picking up a few more in different colors myself.
What say you, gentle readers?
Isn’t it great how a simple piece of twisted fabric can change everything?
How do you feel about interesting and creative backs?
Have you ever hung out in a laundromat?
Do chime in and chat.
Company: Urkye
Size: 36oo/ooo
Price: $23.70 (exchange rate for 75PLN)
Style: Casual
Other colors available: Turquoise, Black, and Sand
Fit: 9/10
Quality: 10/10
Comfort: 10/10
Value: 10/10
Style: 10/10
If you like this, you might like: The Tuba Top (will link when it’s reviewed)
Fits like: Kieska Dress, Tuba Top – I take the same size in all three.
My measurements at the time of the photoshoot: 40/28/38
Other clothing items worn:
*Ewa Michalak Cielus bra, altered.
*Gap Vintage Flare jeans, size 6
(for comparison, I’m a size four in the Long and Lean cut from the same brand)
Oh, and did you really think I could climb into a laundry cart and do
nothing but sit there and look vaguely sassy?
Photography by Beau Pignatello
  • I love this shirt! I have the Mala dress, though I haven’t reviewed it yet, and it really is crazy the difference that buying clothes cut for a bust can make, even when the material is stretchy. The truest thing in this post, I felt like, is that Urkye doesn’t just make clothes for boobs, it makes them for bras! So accurate! So often a sleeveless top will be showing off half of my bra in my armpit, but Urkye’s armholes are cut much smaller- not so much to be restricting, but enough to show that they realize how far up a bra goes under the arm! This shirt has definitely been placed on my “if-I-ever-get-the-money” list :D

  • These pictures: So. much. win.

    I have never bought clothing made specifically for a larger bust (mainly because I’m a nervous nellie about ordering things online), but seeing this kind of review makes me see how my clothes *could* fit so much better. And really, if I replaced everything I don’t wear in my closet with well-fitted items, it would be a lot more economical. I really love this top. When you mentioned that it nips in under the bust as well as the waist, I thought “None of my clothes do that! And they should!” I really need to stop settling for “fits well enough” and take the plunge and order from Urkye when I next can afford to buy new clothes.

  • Thank you for addressing the cleavage issue. That was helpful.

    With how closely this fits your torso, would you say this is an unforgiving shirt if one has a soft belly? I worry about that, but otherwise am sold by your review.

  • That top is perfect on you! I was so impressed when I saw Boosaurus and yourself wearing these tops because I always envisioned the backs would be low enough to expose a bra. It seems like they give you enough coverage while still providing a unique twist on a basic top!

  • Wow! You look incredible in this girl! What a flattering shape and fun back!

    Question about Urkye; For those of us with even larger bust/waist ratios – In my case the same back/bust as you, but I measure 25-26 inches at the waist – what would you recommend? Urkye does do one waist size smaller, “size 34”, but that takes ~2 inches from the bust as well!? What should we fit when buying from them, bust or waist?

  • You look awesome in that top! Perfect amount of back getting shown off :) Your Urkye reviews are putting my bank account in jeopardy though. I absolutely want to try to Kieska dress and a couple of shirts…

  • Welp, I’m so behind on my comments that now you HAVE actually reviewed the Mala (readers: clicky! Looks great on you! Has bolstered my desire to purchase it. And yes, if you do find the funds, I can really recommend this one with no reservations. GO URKYE.

  • I have to say, as much as I never used to buy clothing online for similar reasons, I am now convinced that large-bust clothing is the way to go, especially if you have the big waist differential as well. I am slowly but surely changing my entire closet, and I could not be happier about the decision. Getting rid of one thing that makes me look dumpy for each carefully selected item from abroad has really been satisfying, and I’m giving all the old stuff to a domestic violence shelter, where I know someone (hopefully with just the right body type for it, too) will really appreciate it. Wins all around. I just wish I had the money to change my whole closet in one go!

  • P.S. Urkye is really great about helping with sizing, by the way, which helps me a little bit with the online clothing purchase anxiety.

  • Hi April! I apologize for the delay. I’m going to be addressing cleavage in all reviews from here on out, please let me know if there is more I can do to make the reviews useful.

    My thought on the close fit is that I would just suggest erring on the large side when sizing. I take the smallest size that accommodates my bust, as I really prefer my clothing tight in the waist area, but I think it would still be flattering overall in a more forgiving size. So yes, I think it could be a little unforgiving sized the way I’ve done here, but I don’t think you should avoid the shirt – just take the size at which your waist is on the small side of the measurements listed (eg if you’ve got a 30″ waist and one of the measurements is listed for 30-33″, take that one, rather than one that says 27-30″). I also highly recommended contacting Urkye with any sizing concerns. They are really helpful and eager to make sure customers are sized properly and pleased.

  • Thanks! Yes, the back is really astoundingly well cut. I still kind of can’t believe it. I want to order more of them! Every color! Who knew we busty gals could have backs like that? Thanks again for reading and commenting!

  • Hi! Apologies for the late response. Thank you very much! It is a really flattering shape.

    Good news! The top is stretchy, and I think you could probably get away with the smaller size in the bust. But you could also probably do well in this size; as it’s quite slim before stretching, I imagine it would actually look similar on a smaller waist. I’m at 27″ in the waist now, and it fits essentially identically to how it did when I was slightly larger (ie it shows my waist just as accurately, so I look as much smaller as I am, if that makes sense). I think it’s small enough that it would still fit closely on you. I mentioned this in a few other comments, but I really recommend contacting Urkye if you have any sizing concerns – their customer service is excellent, and they have been exceedingly helpful in response to my (rather verbose) sizing questions.

    I hope you get one and absolutely love it! Let me know if I can help in any way.

  • Heheh, thank you and yes, I know the feeling about the bank account. I am (finally) gearing up for my next order, and the temptation to buy, well, everything is so high. I wear my Kieska ALL THE TIME, btw. Seriously.

  • Good to know. Thanks for taking the time to answer my question!

  • Tamara Hudes Agarwal

    Do you mid me asking how tall you are? I am pretty tall(5’10”) and want to know if the shirt will be too short on me. They don’t list total length on their website. Thanks so much!!!