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A Sad Day.


My lovely readers… I have failed you.  It is Thursday, and I have no post.  My dog, Milo, can barely look at me… He is ashamed.  

 It’s not because I didn’t intend to update – I did, and I even began preparing a day in advance, which is a record for me.  No, the problem was that all the other busty bloggers out there are just too damn excellent.  I set out to write a post about my personal stance on how to go about finding your bra size, and the second half of the post was going to be a link roundup of the main posts on fitting from many different bra bloggers.  So yesterday I set out to go through the archives of the many blogs I follow (see the blog roll in the sidebar, although there are a bunch more to be added soon), thinking I would spend an hour or so and have all the links set, and then typing up my own thoughts would be a breeze, et voila!  Thursday blog post.  WRONG.  

These amazing women are so passionate, so prolific in their Bra Bloggery that I didn’t even get through half, and that includes the further research I did tonight. I would just post a few favorites and get on with it, but honestly?  You all deserve to see something from all of them.  The entire purpose of this blog is to help people with big breasts or outrageous curves or whatever fabulous body types they have (hint: all body types are fabulous!) achieve fit in clothing and lingerie that makes their bodies feel good and their brains feel good, too.  So why would I half-ass one of the most fundamental posts on the subject?  I wouldn’t.  The work continues, and sometime soon you will have a brand spanking new post on bra sizing.  And then after that there will be a post on different breast shapes, and what kinds of bras work for them… And then?  You tell me; what other fitting/shape/body issues would you be interested in reading about?

In the meantime, though, I want to highlight a few more things on ruching (the subject of the last post).  Firstly, in case you didn’t see the updated version of the previous post, I linked to one of the most beautiful wedding dresses I’ve ever seen, on the lovely Muscles and Curves in her post, Wedding Dresses for a Busty Hourglass Figure.

Isn’t it gorgeous? And isn’t she?
I also wanted to share the perspective of another great blogger with different fitting issues than my own, Sweets from Sweet Nothings.  Check out her blog to get a sense for her style and such, and then come back and read he4 thoughts here.  She says:  “Ruching can be a very flattering (read: totally hot) construction technique for some curvy figures, but I do think it comes down to personal preference, as well as other personal figure flattery priorities. I have a very tall and broad frame (I like to think of it as “grand,” the better to play into my delusions of grandeur), and I find that ruching can do one of two things. First, it can add volume and breadth to an already curvy and short-waisted frame, while I generally like to slim and elongate my torso, the better to match the slenderness and length of my arms and legs. Secondly, I know that my hips and rear are narrower in proportion to my bust, and a garment that is ruched down its full length can either droop or hang baggily over my hips or cling somewhat unforgivingly to my belly. My preferred silhouette is more fit-and-flare—something that is well-fitted through the torso and nipped at the waist, with more volume below the waist. For example, while this dress from Igigi looks unbelievably fierce on this particular model, it wouldn’t be a style I’d pick for myself—I’d gravitate towards the red Jenny dress from Trashy Diva instead. Curvy women should feel free to experiment and bend “rules” (ex. yes, we CAN wear high necklines and horizontal stripes, thank you very much), but we are also feel free to discard certain styles if they don’t care for them personally. Basically, rock on with your bad selves.”  I couldn’t agree more.  

Here are the two dresses she mentions, with the Trashy Diva Jenny dress that she prefers on the left and the Igigi dress on the right:

Images from:

And while I showcased something more like the Igigi dress in my last post, I recently found this dress at Hemlock Vintage Clothing that I love so much I can barely stand it.  I really find all kinds of ruched dresses irresistible, and have yet to find one that doesn’t show off my curves in the best possible way.  This one, by the way, has been sold, which makes me die on the inside.  It fit measurements so close to my own!  And it’s so beautiful!  WHYYYYYYY?

Measurements listed as fitting a 39” bust and 29” waist… 
Why do you do this to me, world?

Okay, gentle readers, it is my time to fly into the night.  Or, you know, try to go to sleep for a few hours before I’m off to a soudcheck.  Same difference.  Thanks for stopping in, and I look forward to giving you the intended post soon, in all its link-replete glory.  

With affection, 
Miss Shapen