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BREAKING NEWS: Miss Shapen’s Sunday review is delayed by a day!


Photo by Geoff Carter

Howdy, chums.  So.  Bad news.  I’ve been out of town all week, and even though I actually managed to prepare most of tonight’s review while on the road, I can’t post it because I have discovered two things:

1) I don’t actually remember the name of the first dress I wanted to review, and as it is on loan, I really just need to find out what it is from the friend from whence it came. (Pepperberry something-er-other).

2) The other dress I wanted to review is missing a picture of an important detail.

So.  I have a photographer coming tomorrow for a shoot, and I will sneak in the missing photo.  I will also hopefully get the name of the other dress in the meantime.  So yes, it is sad that there is no real post tonight, but tomorrow there will be a double post!  Worth it, right?  RIGHT?

please say yes i am so afraid to disappoint you all