Weirdly Shaped and Well Photographed

… a blog about clothing for curves, bras for giant boobs (and tiny backs!), and escaping the scourge of the dreaded BoobLoaf and ButtChest.

An introduction, of sorts.


Hi there, and welcome to Weirdly Shaped and Well-Photographed. I’d like to give you a little rundown of who I am and why I am starting yet another Busty Blog.

Who: I’m a performer and teacher of music, first and foremost. I try not to define people by their work, but in my case it’s part and parcel of who I am, and damn fun to boot. It’s also the most stressful work I can imagine. And I’m broke a lot. But it’s worth it, and I’m grateful to be making my living doing what I love and what I went to school for. In my off time, I love to cook and have all manner of kitchen gadgets and mechanisms to facilitate it, I love to be silly (I’m often a Dance Party of One), I’m borderline obsessed with finding bras that fit me (not very successful so far), and I am crazy into the Just Dance game series, which I use as exercise (I don’t do “real” exercise – for example, I consider running to be suitable for only a few purposes: escaping enemies, getting to the loo, and stopping bacon from burning). As is probably obvious by now, I am a great lover and possibly over-user of parentheses. I have an adorable little dog named Milo who occasionally shows up in my pictures. And I am happy to meet you.

What: Primarily, this blog will be for clothing and lingerie reviews. The aim is to provide a basis for comparison and sizing for other ladies who are similarly proportioned – very hourglass shaped, and specifically with small bands and large cup sizes. This is not to say that readers of other shapes aren’t welcome! I love everyone! Seriously, I’m friendly and enthusiastic almost to a fault, and the more people this blog can help/entertain/whatever the better. It will just probably be most helpful to people who are shaped like me. To make it easier for everyone to size relatively, I will be including current measurements on every post as well as listing what bra I am wearing under clothing posts so you can tell what shaping is from the bra and what is the dress itself. Please let me know if there are additional details that would be helpful! Eventually I intend to implement a cross-referencing system, both within and across brands.

A quick note on the name: I don’t mean “weirdly shaped” as an insult; all I mean is that my proportions are outside the norm (especially if you look at mass-produced clothing and lingerie). I am quite happily weird in any of a number of ways, body shape being just one among them. The “well-photographed part” comes from the lucky circumstance that being in the arts has acquainted me with some really talented photographers, several of whom have offered to lend their talents to this blog. I want the pictures to be interesting and nice to look at, in addition to the first priority of being informative. Most posts will feature the following layout: a few non-specific photos in whatever I am writing about, followed by pictures and text on all the different angles, features, and drawbacks of each item.

Where: I intend to take photos wherever suits the clothing best! I will probably make some bad calls on this (just wait till you see the post featuring the Great Tree Incident of 2013), but hopefully they will all be engaging, at the very least.

When: Well, starting now, I suppose. Heh.

Why: This is a big one for me. I spent many years not knowing how to dress in a flattering way, and early on went so far as to purposefully disguise my figure because I was teased all the time. For years, I wore the wrong size bra (thank you Victoria’s Secret) and stuffed myself into things just hoping they would mostly handle my boobs. A trip to Bravissimo in London totally changed what I was wearing, and I was set… Until I grew out of those bras. And then out of the next set. And the next. And now? Well, now I am sized out of nearly everything. My bra size is approximately 28K (of course this varies by brand and model of bra), and for the most part, bras that come in 28 backs tend to stop at J. I am currently in the middle of learning how to alter sister-sized bras with all the fit problems they produce and trying custom-made bras from several companies. I am also, after recently losing quite a bit of weight, figuring out how to accentuate the small waist of my hourglass figure without smoothing my boobs into a Boobloaf or ButtChest (see future post). Along the way, reading the blogs of other lovely busty women and reading and participating on Bratabase and various large-bust forums have really helped me, and I want to give back to that community.  I am hoping that somewhere out there, there is a woman shaped like me who needs as much help as I have needed, and that this blog will be a resource for her.

How: with a little help from my friends. Seriously, I know some extremely talented folks. Expect to see credits for the photographers, hair and makeup artists, and maybe even stylists along the way. I’m nothing without them.

So without further to-do, welcome to Weirdly Shaped and Well Photographed. I’m glad you’re here, and any comments or suggestions on how to make this blog as useful as possible are highly encouraged. In the meantime, here is a picture, because we all know that blog posts need pictures. :)

“Urban Ennui,” photo by David Eckert, taken as a candid shot before my first photo shoot for the blog.  Do any of you recognize the bra in this picture?  It’s a personal favorite, despite giving a totally different shape from my usual taste, and will definitely be getting a review of its own soon.