Weirdly Shaped and Well Photographed

… a blog about clothing for curves, bras for giant boobs (and tiny backs!), and escaping the scourge of the dreaded BoobLoaf and ButtChest.

Quick note for new readers (or, you know, all of you):


I feel extremely lucky and grateful to have a blog that’s only a day old and to already have been linked to by some of my favorite bloggers!  So I just wanted to say a very large hello there and welcome to those of you who are popping by, and to let you know that while of course I’ve only just started with these two posts, I am committed to regularly updating this blog with the best stuff I can find (and the worst, so you don’t have to make the same mistakes I do).

I plan on updating at least once a week, and putting little things out on Tumblr more often than that.  In the meantime, though, I would love to hear any requests for content, style, etc. and will keep those in mind when choosing what to post about in the near future.  Clothing?  Lingerie?  Specialty brands, or bust-friendly finds from regular stores?

Also, for any inclined to give a bit of immediate feedback: right now, I am altering most of my bras, as 28K is very hard to find and I have a few other fit issues that rear their ugly heads regularly as well.  I am waiting on some custom Ewa Michalak and Braologie items, but in the meantime, is it helpful for me to post bra reviews when I have had to alter the bras somewhat?  I feel that I can still give a good idea of overall style, shape, band tightness, and cup volume even having had to alter them in some ways, but please let me know if you do not feel this would be useful.  I would definitely show the alterations for each one clearly in the photos, and for any that aren’t done yet, would show before and after shots.  Oh, and I intend to do separate posts about alterations that can be done to make lingerie items more comfortable, and already have an interview planned for sometime soon with an incredibly smart, capable, and lovely woman and fellow blogger that I think you will all adore.

Again, welcome to the page.  I am happy to have you here, and hope that I can be as helpful as possible to you!  Please consider this to be a body-snark-free safe space, too; all questions, comments, rants, etc. are welcome regardless of age, size, sexuality, etc.  In other words, HATERS GO AWAY.  Everyone else, make yourself comfortable.

In the meantime, here is a ridiculous picture of me dressed as Elvira.   Just for funsies.