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Getting Down With the Panache Sports Bra

Trigger Warning!  While the theme of the post is body positivity, I used some very negative Thinspo and Fitspo pics as examples of what I think we should be fighting against, and they could definitely be triggering to some people.  For the most part, these have an image that I found that seemed problematic to me in one way or another accompanied by an alternative that I find to be more positive.  For the most part, the originals are in smaller boxes attached to the larger pictures that I took as alternatives.  Apologies again to anyone who might have been triggered before I posted this.  Love yourselves!

TastesBetterThanSkinnyQuick note upfront: this post originally was interspersed within a review of the sports bra I am wearing in almost all of these pictures, which is the utterly fabulous comfortable-as-all-get-out Panache Sport Sports Bra, of which I currently have three and have two more on the way.  Ultimately, the two aspects of the post didn’t come together and the memes I posted were getting all the focus, and the review wasn’t really as in depth as I would have liked in the first place.  With that in mind, I took the review info out and am planning an upcoming rather extravagant and detailed review that will be entirely on the bra itself.  In the meantime, I highly, highly recommend it to any larger-cupped lasses that want incredible comfort and support.  Note the picture further down in the post in which I am upside down! No boobs hitting me in the face!  In my size, this runs large (which is great, as it only goes up to an H cup), so I am wearing a 30H in all of these photos.  Thanks, and please keep an eye out for the full review!

thighgapSo recently I was given the opportunity to participate in Panache Lingerie’s campaign Support Every Move, and while I wasn’t able to be as active as I would have liked (I have been sick, as has MY WHOLE CITY OH GOD IT’S THE SICKPOCALYPSE), I followed along with the activities with interest.  You can check out their Pinterest board for the campaign here or do a search for #supporteverymove to see what everyone has been up to.  I was browsing the Pinterest board and some other places when I started to notice that not everyone was pinning such supportive material.  Since individual users were allowed to pin to the boards, this wasn’t a reflection of Panache at all, and they took down the most snark-tastic pins when alerted to them.  Still, it made me sad to see that when people were looking for motivation to get to a more healthy lifestyle, they were just as likely to come across images that shamed them and pressured them to go to extreme measures with diet and exercise as they were to find posts cheering them on.  The sadness I was feeling (and the memories of having relied on just such imagery myself once upon a time, along with the self-loathing that they caused me to feel) inspired me to do what many others have done before me: create an alternative.  I don’t think we could ever have too many alternatives to Thinspo and Pro-Ana memes that shame people into starving themselves to try to attain an unrealistic and unhealthy beauty aesthetic.  I will happily post any reader submissions along these lines to the Facebrog and Tumbrog, and if I get enough, I’ll make a whole post about them here on The Brog.  Let’s work towards body positivity and physical, mental, and emotional wellness together, Gentle Readers!


Only you can know what is the healthiest way for you to get to your fitness, weight, or wellness goals. Don’t let anyone bully you out of enjoying your life at the same time. How about some exercise AND a cookie? Or if cookies aren’t your thing, some other little treat? No single cookie is going to put you on the path to hell. Ignore the haters.

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January 30, 2014
by MissShapen

Review: DD Atelier’s Dress Mimosa


Gentle Readers, it’s time for me to be back.  The holidays are over, I’ve been sick but am better enough to at least type a bit, and I have a few reviews that are months overdue.  In the interest of getting them up and on the ol’ brog, I’m afraid I’m going to be a bit more brief than I usually am.  I hope you’ll forgive me, but business must be done, mustn’t it?  With that in mind, I give you one of my absolute favorite dresses, the Mimosa Dress by DD Atelier.  If you recall my review of DD Atelier’s Amazonia Dress, then you know what a fan I am of this clothing company based in Russia that caters to slim figures with big busts.  The Mimosa dress is drastically different in style, but no less beloved.  I have worn it as often as I could without fearing it would seem that I just wore the same dress all the time.  At home, to go to a play, on the boardwalk in Atlantic City (see below!) and anywhere else that called for a bit of cheer and loveliness.


My first time shooting a crossbow! Granted it was from like ten feet away and the guy was sort of helping me (not that I wanted him to), but whatever. Victory!

When I got this dress, I was absolutely delighted and wanted to photograph it right away, but sadly my photographers were all otherwise engaged.  I finally had a day planned to shoot it and the perfect setup – a sunny day in the park with my lovely little dog, Milo, and a friend and her adorable son, playing, running about, and generally having a good time.  Unfortunately, while I had been trying to schedule the shoot, I hadn’t noticed that the season had changed, and it therefore didn’t occur to me that I would be completely out of daylight by late in the afternoon.  After much hand-wringing and lamenting of circumstances, though, I realized that I am relatively nocturnal and should have been well aware from the start that there’s just as much fun to be had by night as by day.  Sure, the lighting made shooting a challenge, but there’s a certain charm to looking at things in an unexpected way, and I hope that you’ll enjoy this scene in the park at night as much as I enjoyed being a part of it.

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January 6, 2014
by MissShapen

Straight Talk: Christmas Jew Edition

Gentle Readers, I haven’t been around much lately, but I have something to say about it for once that isn’t pitiful groveling.  If you have been following the brog for a while, you know that I am a musician by day and an intrepid blogger only by night (and generally late, late night at that).  So I suppose you can imagine what the holidays entail for me: SUDDEN WORK INSANITY.  Nearly more than I can manage.  So this time, I’ve gotta say – you really must forgive my absence.  There was nothing else to be done.  And for that matter, you’re probably going to find that every year around the end of November, I will mysteriously disappear for a few weeks.  I’d say “it’s not you, it’s me,” but it really isn’t.  It’s the holidays.  However, this doesn’t mean I don’t think of you!  I do.  Always.  In light of this, I thought I would let you in on another thing that happens Chez Miss Shapen in December.  I’m not religious, but I identify as a Bacon Jew for most of the year (shows both my level of observance and my great love of bacon, which is unending).  Sometime in early December, however, a mysterious transformation takes place, and a new Miss Shapen emerges as The Christmas Jew.  This year’s holiday season was incredibly hectic – more than usual, even – and a bit rough, and it was beginning to look like The Christmas Jew was going to sit this one out, but lo!  Come Christmas Eve, she showed up, enthusiastic as ever, and she wanted to share some of that cheer and (c)ho (c)ho chutzpah with all of you.  Since this is a Brog, not just a blog, some lingerie had to be involved.  So without further ado, here is Christmas With Miss Shapen, just for you.

I started out with an all red ensemble, mostly because my robe is red and cozy.
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December 26, 2013
by MissShapen

A Mini-Post About a Mini-Vest!

Hello Gentle Readers!

As you know, I don’t generally post short informational posts here, as I save them for the Tumbrog, etc., but I really wanted to share something with you today as time is of the essence and I think it’s more than worthwhile.  So here you go!

Hong Kong based company Braologie makes custom-sized bras and posture-contour, and I am a HUGE fan of their stuff, especially their posture contour mini-vests, which I wear nearly every day.  They have recently come out with an updated version of the mini-vests, now called Bracies, and they are having a sale from now until November 25th – Bracies are $25.99 with free worldwide shipping (rather than the usual cost of $39.99 + $15 shipping)!  I am planning on doing a full review and discussion of Braologie’s products in the future, but I wanted to do a short post now so you can benefit from the sale.  Enter the promotion code “BRACIE2013” when checking out at their online store.


From Braologie, regarding the ordering process: “** Entering the promotion code is tricky! when checking out, customer goes to right away, where Paypal collects her shipping and billing addresses. After that, the customer returns to Shopify where she picks a shipping rate, types in a discount code, the price is updated accordingly and, on that same page, your customer gets to finalize his transaction.”

Okay, back to the rest of the post.

Here’s a stock photo of one:


Here’s a picture of me wearing one of mine:


I love these vests because I find that they relieve pressure from having large boobs in a number of different areas.  For one, I often get pain in my ribcage due to wires digging in under the weight of my breasts, especially if my straps aren’t tight enough (either because they are too long overall or because they have loosened over the course of the day).  The Bracie both helps support the breasts from below and through the side-slings, and also disperses the pressure over a wider area underneath the cups.  It has been a big relief to me, and, as I said, I now wear one nearly every day.


On the reverse, the mini-vest greatly widens the area of the back that takes the weight of the breasts, rather than leaving it to a single thin strip under the band (and we all know longlines in 28KK are impossible to find at this point, so it’s really the only option for this).  As someone who has struggled with back pain for years, this is a huge help.

The last feature of the Bracie is one that I don’t necessarily need, but that many women enjoy: it amps up the cleavage a bit.  Ta-da!  Heheh.

To find out more about the mini-vests, check out their Tumblr post about it here, and to purchase, check out the pages in their shops here and here and remember to use the code”BRACIE2013″ on checkout.  The sale is on till November 25th, and I highly encourage any women with posture or pain issues due to breast size to consider picking one up to try it.  I’ve tried similar garments, but none have worked for me as well as Braologie’s have.

If you want a second opinion, here’s a quote from the blogger behind Dressing Curves, with whom I was discussing this the other day.

“…definitely help for my shoulders, shoulder blades and upper back. And ribs. Plus my boobs look bigger. :S”

So there you have it.  Let me know if you end up ordering and how it works out for you if you do.  I am hoping this can be as big a boon to all of you as it’s been to me and is now starting to be for my friend at Dressing Curves (note: you should be following that blog; she may not post often, but when she does they are really worth reading, especially when she writes about bra fit and alterations).  As for this brog, there are more actual reviews and some handy dandy informational posts coming soon. In the meantime…

You know I adore you all, right?

I do, Gentle Readers.  I do.



November 8, 2013
by MissShapen

Beauty and the Babydoll: A Review of Parfait’s Alexis Babydoll Set

"What's in the West Wing?" "It is forbidden!" Okay, okay...

“What’s in the West Wing?” “It is forbidden!”
Okay, okay…

Hello, Gentle Readers.  It’s been a while.  I’ve had to travel, for work and for pleasure (I’m actually writing this on yet another flight), and I’ve had a bit of illness, preposterously unpleasant and persistent back pain, and of course, all the work that piles up while on the road to keep me from writing as much as I’d like.  I hope you’ve been keeping up with my little postings on social media in the meantime?  The occasional outfit post or link to something useful/funny/interesting on the Facebrog?  A bit of feminist ranting or a cute baby animal or two on the Tumbrog?  And on Twitter… Well, I may have dropped the ball a bit there.  Apologies.  In any case, this review is one that is long overdue and I am hoping you’re as excited about it as I am.

close1As most of you are aware, earlier this year, the brand Parfait made a move in their line Affinitas that was absolutely thrilling to those of us with BOUS (that’s Breasts of Unusual Size, for those of you who may have missed a post or two – I really must get around to posting my guide to Miss Shapen’s lexicon sometime soon) – they expanded their size range up to a K-cup in a few styles!  There was much fanfare about this in the bra blogosphere, and with good reason: no other companies in the US are even trying to make things for this size range, and those of us who need it are stuck ordering from overseas or buying at quite the premium from retailers in the US (often not their fault; they’re having to compensate for high import fees).  I was very anxious to get my hands on, well, everything they were making in my size, and therefore very gratefully accepted the offer to try the Alexis Babydoll and matching brief to review.  I had heard that the cups might run a bit small, so I went one cup up from my usual sister-size of JJ in a 30 band.   I actually think sizing up might not have been necessary, but the fit is definitely good enough for me to be keeping it in my arsenal.  I went for the brief in medium, as I can not stand when undies cut in, and even though I am usually a small in jeans and trousers, somehow knickers that are size small always give me a bit of bulge around the top elastic.  candle4As you know, I do like a good theme now and again, and when I received this lovely piece with its delicate soft mesh skirt, pretty lace detailing on the cups, and little crystal drops at the top of the gore, what came to mind was a princess.  But princesses don’t generally walk around in lingerie, do they?  And that’s when it hit me – they don’t any more than the rest of us do, but even a princess needs to relax sometimes.  As I don’t believe one needs to have a romantic partner to want to wear nice lingerie, I envisioned a princess retiring to her rooms after a long day of Being Royal and Whatnot, slipping into her nightie, and just enjoying a bit of peace and quiet.  Do you ever do this, Gentle Readers?  I lounge around in lingerie all the time, actually.  It’s a delightful habit.  Anyway, I decided to go for a specific princess, and one of my favorites: Belle, from Disney’s Beauty and the Beast.  For those of you who are familiar with the movie: yes, I know that when all the characters were still enchanted she wasn’t yet a princess.  Bear with me here.  Blogging ain’t easy, you know.  So yes, long ago in a land far away…. Continue Reading →

November 2, 2013
by MissShapen